Answers To The 4 Commonly Asked Questions About Frameless Shower Doors

As more people choose a simple, clean, and minimalist design for their homes, frameless shower doors have become a standard feature in trendy homes. However, most people have many questions about these doors before committing to buying and installing them. Here are answers to the commonly asked questions. How Is a Frameless Shower Door Different From Other Glass Doors? The main difference is in the material. A frameless shower door is made of tempered glass.

Repairing Common Garage Door Problems

A garage door that is malfunctioning can be a significant problem that you will eventually experience. The number of parts and the general complexity of garage door systems can result in there being a wide range of problems that they may encounter.  A Door That Has Become Stuck A garage door that has become stuck or jammed can be a significant problem that may prevent you from being able to enter or exit the garage.