Answers To The 4 Commonly Asked Questions About Frameless Shower Doors

As more people choose a simple, clean, and minimalist design for their homes, frameless shower doors have become a standard feature in trendy homes. However, most people have many questions about these doors before committing to buying and installing them. Here are answers to the commonly asked questions.

How Is a Frameless Shower Door Different From Other Glass Doors?

The main difference is in the material. A frameless shower door is made of tempered glass. On the other hand, most shower glass doors are made of ordinary thick glass. Another difference is in the design. A frameless shower door doesn't have metal supports but offers a clean look and modern feel, while glass doors have metal support frames. 

Will the Door Leak?

Some individuals may be concerned about frameless shower doors leaking. The only reason a frameless shower door would leak is if it was incorrectly installed. During installation, the expert ensures the gaps at the sides and hinges are small enough to avoid water passing through unless you direct the water to these seams.

Besides ensuring professional installation, install the right seals to ensure your bathroom floor remains dry and safe.

How Can You Tell the Kind of Door You Need?

There are different variations of frameless shower doors in the market. The best type of door will depend on your needs. Different frameless shower doors offer different aesthetics and functionality.

They also differ in quality. However, you will need some basic accessories and hardware clamps to complete installation, and you will also need door pulls and towel bars. You might also need a freestanding glass shower door header for additional stability.

Doesn't It Get Dirty Faster?

One common misconception homeowners have is that a frameless shower glass door gets dirty faster and is harder to clean. Well, the door doesn't get dirty faster than other types of shower doors. It is, however, easier to clean since you can quickly wipe it with a squeegee for a few minutes after every shower. Squeegeeing gives the glass door a clean, shiny, new appearance, which also helps with maintenance.

Frameless shower doors offer a modern solution to add class and a sleek design to your bathroom. After having your questions answered, you can trust that the door will refine the aesthetics of your bathroom and offer you an unbeatable experience compared to traditional framed shower doors.

Contact a contractor for more information about frameless shower doors