Repairing Common Garage Door Problems

A garage door that is malfunctioning can be a significant problem that you will eventually experience. The number of parts and the general complexity of garage door systems can result in there being a wide range of problems that they may encounter. 

A Door That Has Become Stuck

A garage door that has become stuck or jammed can be a significant problem that may prevent you from being able to enter or exit the garage. There are many potential problems that could lead to the garage door getting jammed. One of the more common can be the motor of the system failing and locking the door in place or alignment issues. If your garage door is not wanting to open or close all the way, you should avoid attempting to force it to move. This can increase the risk of further damage occurring to the system. Rather, a professional garage door repair provider should be hired to assess the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Wiring or Other Electrical Problems

In addition to being an extremely complicated mechanical system, your garage door will also have a complex electrical system. This is needed as the door opener can have extremely high electrical demands. Any loose wiring connections or damages to electrical components can be a serious problem that may have the ability to greatly impact your system's functionality. Electrical surges from lightning can be a common source of these damages as the tremendous amount of power can actually overload the electrical components of the garage door. A garage door repair technician can have diagnostic tools to help them determine the source of the electrical problem, and they will have the training to safely complete the electrical repairs that your garage door opener may require.

Excessive Drafts From the Door

The energy efficiency of the garage door is an important factor in determining the overall efficiency of your entire home. These doors will be designed to prevent drafts from forming around the door or between its panels. In addition to interlocking these components, there may also be weather stripping between these panels that will be able to stop any drafts from forming. As the garage door system ages, it will start to degrade, which may allow drafts to form. To minimize unwanted heating or cooling of the garage, this weatherstripping may need to be replaced when it starts to experience these problems. In addition to improving the energy efficiency of the garage door, this could also prevent water from being able to seep through these openings.

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