Signs An Automatic Door Needs To Be Repaired

Automatic door repair work is a near inevitability if a location has a system. It's a problem that can creep up on businesses, though, and that makes deciding when to address the issue more challenging than some might guess. Pay attention to these five indicators, however, and you'll get a jump on fixing your setup.

Slow Response Times

The entire point of automatic doors is that they will open up in a timely manner. If a door is taking long enough that a person walking at a reasonable pace has to stop to allow it to open, then it's time to contact an automatic door repair technician. You can try cleaning the sensor with some alcohol first, but give it a few tests. If the problem persists after cleaning and repair, you may want to examine outside sources of trouble, such as condensation and dirt.

Creaky Movement

Even a door that's responsive may still perform in a creaky manner. If the door is visibly wobbling while it moves back and forth, that's a sign of trouble. The tracks may need to be lubricated, or the entire alignment might have to be adjusted. In some cases, tracks and rollers might also have to be replaced.

Air Is Flowing

Whether air is flowing in or out when the doors are shut, it's probably costing you money on your heating and A/C bills. Noticeable airflow should not occur. There are rubber gaskets in place to limit this. These gaskets can break down over time, drying out and cracking. Even if the door appears to be flush when closed, air may find its way through compromised gaskets. Feel around the edges when the door is shut to see if you notice any air coming in or going out.

Glass Is Cracking or Wobbling

Small vibrations in the door may show up as damage to the glass. This can be a tricky problem to diagnose because your first thought will likely be contacting a glass replacement technician. If the glass keeps causing trouble, though, it's unlikely to be bad luck. If necessary, look at surveillance videos to establish whether there's any good reason for the glass to crack or slip out of its seating.


People tolerate noisy automatic doors longer than they should, and it's especially easy to do in loud environments. Noise, though, is the door asking for help. If you hear something, say something to a technician.