Automatic Doors: Can They Save You Money?

Commercial building owners are always struggling to find a balance between solutions that are cost-effective and those that maximize convenience for the customer. Automatic doors are some of these expenses, and before any business owner gets these doors, they'll want to know if they're worth the extra money.

Those who swear by automatic doors claim that getting these doors can help your business to save money. How true is this claim and are the cost savings worth it?

Energy Saving Solution

For many businesses, the energy spent on heating and air conditioning is significant, and this comes with significant costs as well. To make matters worse, a lot of the energy that is paid for is lost every time a customer walks through the door and leaves it open. This is one of the main drawbacks of manual doors.

In this regard, it is easy to see the appeal of automatic doors. Automatic doors open and close as soon as a customer walks through. Although this will not cut down the energy loss to zero, it will reduce the amount of energy that is usually lost when the door is left open. In the long run, the amount of money saved will be significant.

Money Making Solution

Apart from reducing your energy costs, some people also point out that automatic doors can actually help your store to make more money. Automatic doors offer your customers a level of convenience they won't find when they visit other businesses.

For regular customers, this is a good thing, but for disabled customers, it makes all the difference in the world. Regular doors can be a nightmare for disabled individuals. A door that automatically opens for them means they don't have to struggle to reach the door handle and pull or push the door open. If other businesses are yet to make such additions, your business will be the ideal spot for many disabled persons.

What About Servicing and Maintenance Costs?

It would not be right to talk about long-term cost savings without also discussing the cost of servicing the door and keeping it in good condition. Automatic doors have several mechanical parts, and these have to be regularly maintained.

However, with proper servicing, you can save yourself the extra costs of repairs after a breakdown. In case of a breakdown, the smart money is always on a professional automatic door installation and repair service. Guaranteed services will provide results that last.

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